New beginning ~ Twisted French Manucure

After thinking this over for long, using Instagram and Facebook, I am finally opening my own little nail polish blog! Little, yes, because as crazy as it can sounds for my relatives and friends, I only own a very (yes, veeeery!) little collection compared to your usual NPA, and that’s what was keeping me away from blogging about my nails. But finally, I reach my usual conclusion: “whatever, who cares?” and here comes my first post!

These last days (months, years? 8D) I have been more or less constantly wearing blue hues mani and looking for inspiration after miserably failing a water marble mani (is it for everyone, the impression that it is pretty easy, just time and polish consuming, when in fact, it’s hell on earth?) and not feeling like drawing triangles using tape (I can be creative, sometimes!) I remembered a design a saw on many blogs and pictures: a French manucure with triangles instead of curves, using creme and glitter polishes.

Just when I started, I noticed once again how much I was limited: I don’t own any glitter polish ! (I can hear the horror screams !), well, except from Beyond Cozy and Leading Leading from Essie, but nothing blue ! I finally decided to paint my claws (lol, nubs is probably more appropriate considering their lenght…) with creme and holographic nail polish, since that was available!


I used a polish I bought myself as a treat for the end of finals (don’t try to argue, you have to treat yourself in times like these!) Can’t Find my Czeshbook from the Euro Centrale OPI collection, and my little favorite from A England, the magical Tristam (once again, don’t try to argue, every nail polish from A England is bottled magic!)

As guest star, a pansy ( ? I’m not sure about that, today I’m an aspiring herbalist as well as blogger!) from my parents’ garden and sun which is since then long gone…


This mix of purple and blue, infused with holographic glitter of Tristam already charmed me a year ago, but I still love it as much as the first day (hello it’s me, the girl in love with her polishes 8D), I am always amazed to see it reveal its true nature in full sun (mom: why did you let one nail dark blue and not sky blue? me: because it’s shinyyyyyyyyyyyy ! *_____*). I really like to associate it with this cute sky blue from OPI. I don’t own many polishes from this brand, not that I dislike their colors, on the contrary, but mainly because they are a bit expensive in France (count around $15.9 for Essie and $18.5 for OPI, I wanna live in the US !). But anyway, that blue allowed me to expend my blue collection and I won’t regret it!


Pictures taken without much creativity I have to admit, but hm, let’s say it’s okay for a first post? 🙂 And I have to say, my mom’s camera hold way more potential than my own little Samsung, and I’m not gonna let that pass! 😀

Have a nice Sunday, under the sun, as well as the rain!

Lili ~


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