Liberty and blue flowers ~

Today my driving instructor noticed I went with bare for my nails (well, among other things obviously, he also noticed I had logical problems when driving reverse, but shh 8D), that’s what is bound to happen when you wear flashy nail polish !

Since I didn’t want to disappoint him for my next lesson (one find the excuses she can!), I had to paint my nails this afternoon. And so began a long hesitation in front of my bed table (yes, when you are in budgetary deficit and don’t own that many polishes, you CAN use your bed table as nail polish rack. Tested and approved 😉 to find which color to choose on that splendid rainy day. Eternal dilemma between picking my favorite blue hues or show some originality (I said I was from time to time, not always duh ! 8D) and create a mani using a color I haven’t worn for too long.

Finally, I went with the second option and picked Clambake by Essie (otherwise stated, all of my Essie are French ones, with the large brush!). I have this little one since a few months already but I didn’t get many chances to wear it as its color gives me cadaver hands with winter light. And since winter officially ended one week ago… Anyway! Clambake is a red, strongly leaning towards orange (as you can see on the pictures, I couldn’t get them to show it red!), jelly texture (after two coats, the short free edge I have and white marks on my nails were still visible), very glossy and colorful !



After a failed attempt at Cloud Nails (my choice of colors couldn’t convince me, AT ALL), I was inspired by my Liberty shirt which was a perfect match with Clambake (yes it was, I swear, it’s the same red, even if it doesn’t look like it on the pictures, damnit!) and decided to add little blue and pink flowers – using Essie Mesmerized and Cute as a Button- with an attempts at leaves (but just an attempt, I mean, they’re just dots…) – A England Saint George.




To conclude, I’m not sure I love it, it was better looking when I imagined it in my head in fact 8D #storyofmylife but at least, it put some joy and color in my day !

See you soon for new nail polish adventures !



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