Bleu Majorelle ~ A nail polish unlike any other

To celebrate the end of exams (yes, AGAIN, but I had discounts at Sephora and Marionnaud at the same time, wouldn’t feel right to let that pass, right? 8D) I finally indulged myself with a nail polish which was in my dreams since long: THE Bleu Majorelle. Oh yes, Essie’s Butler Please is an almost-perfect dupe, which I own (if we can forget its half-mat finish), yes Kiko released a dupe which has been on the blogo since several months, same for l’Onglerie, but I really wanted to test the unique and only, the original !

And so I did. And no looking back on that ! It’s the second time I’m wearing it and it continues to amaze me. Yes because this little YSL is just perfect. Well, almost. Because I just HAD to find some flaw to it, other than its very expensive price.

It flows soooo well on your nails, applies like magic in two thin coats, like butter ! I’m loving its brush, different from Essie’s or OPI’s, but still pretty wide brush, shorter, it spreads just perfectly on the nails to enable a 0-mistake application (the first time I wore it, I was getting late for my end-of-the-year gala, I applied it super quickly and it was a great surprise!). You can also add its drying time, once again amazing. I mean, I’m used to good quality polishes which enable you to apply your second coat as soon as you finish your second hand, but here, that’s something else! The second coat only needs 10 min to dry, and that’s without any fast-drying top-coat! And glossy, just like I love them. Heavenly!

Oh yes. Almost. That polish, it smells weird. And I’m being polite. I almost wanted to call my post “Bleu Majorelle ~The polish with a smell unlike any other”, but then I realized it wasn’t the best solution to boost my reading rates. Back to serious, I mean it, it has a strange smell when you’re used to your usual 3-free nail polish, I don’t know why though, cleaner (I don’t own any 4-free or vegan, and I must say I was too lazy to look up its compo so…). Less, it’s unlikely, it’s not a cheap polish which reek of solvents when you open it, it’s just unusual. So there, I said it, it was disturbing. A bit. But it was quickly forgotten as it it so beautiful ❤

YSL - Bleu Majorelle (5)

YSL - Bleu Majorelle (3)

YSL - Bleu Majorelle (2)

YSL - Bleu Majorelle (6)

I tried to make some little nailart to go with my birthday dress to go out to eat, but I’m not too convinced about it, I’d rather not have done it, I think it’s just enough on it’s own, doesn’t need that. But there it is:

YSL - Bleu Majorelle (10)

YSL - Bleu Majorelle (9)

See you soon for new polished adventures !

Lili ~


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