Mint power ~ Gradient nails and triangles

To be fully prepared for summer sales (begun in France yesterday), I decided to change my mani (nope, that’s not because I have to fight myself to post at least once a week, this blog isn’t affecting my nail routine, AT ALL !) and I chose Mint Candy Apple by Essie.

Maybe because I used too much Where is my Chauffeur, but I almost forgot how much I loved this polish: a perfect little mint creme, no problem with its application, as usual with Essie, nor with drying time. Just a bit of caution, fine coats because it’s a pastel color. But a lovely one ! (well, depends on tastes obviously, but since I love blue… And got addicted to turquoise and mints so…)

Gradient - Mint Candy Apple and Tart Deco (1)

Gradient - Mint Candy Apple and Tart Deco (3)

Gradient - Mint Candy Apple and Tart Deco (2)

To finish my mani, I wanted to have a try at a technique which I had until today never tested: gradient nails. I read I don’t know how many tutorials and articles explaining how it was super easy and all, but, still, I felt like it was complicated and time consuming. I even bought sponges, but the only time I got to use them was when I did my Game of Thrones themed mani (#I’mageek) to do some sort of black gradient over red. Anyway, this time, I was ready and I took Tart Deco – a bright orange-leaning corail, application and drying time perfect as usual – and I did it. And I fu**ing loved it. Like REALLY, I spent my day looking at my nails and my face changed colors when a sales lady told me I had lovely nails, hihi! The only thing is, I screwed up my middle fingers bubbled, I don’t really know why, but other than than, I loved my nails (yes, I am congratulating myself, we need to sometimes!). For my accent nail, I chose triangles with Tart Deco again and Beyond Cozy, also by Essie!

Gradient - Mint Candy Apple and Tart Deco (9)

Gradient - Mint Candy Apple and Tart Deco (8)

Anyway, it was really time for me to try gradient nails (if we forget the fact that my cuticles seems to be mad at me after the sponge clean-up, oops!)

See you soon for new polished adventures!



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