Clouds in my head ~ Essie and Nails Inc glitter inside!

Last week (and this week in fact), I went to French summer sales (from end of June to mid-July). NPA Sales. The ones I always dreamts of, with Essie and OPI discounted, but which I only saw on Instagram until now. But not this year, nope, this year, I was superduperready (or almost), prepared to jump on any kind of polish with a sales tag. And my wallet is probably still mad at me: Essie from Spring collection, base coat, Matte About You, my first Bourjois, a OPI from James Bond collection, some glitter (gniiiiii) and Kiko. And so now, I’m fearing to hear the phone ring and to receive a call from my banker, I never bought that much nail polish within such a short amount of time, even during sales!

Like I was saying, I found Essie polishes from Spring collection in sales (I just had to try every cosmetic shop in town, hm): the lovely Maximillian Strasse Her, a blue-grey very sweet, which applies like a dream (just like my Bangle Jangle, just perfect, like butter!) and drying time as every other. Essie quality! I wore it alone this week end because I didn’t have time to do anything else, but I loved it so much I decided to add two of my other new conquest from the sales to it: Avenue Maintain, a very luminous blue from the same collection as Maximillian, and a little navy blue glitter polish from Nails Inc, Sloane Gardens.




I must admit I never tried cloud nails until today (ok, I did it once a few weeks ago but it was a colour epic fail which didn’t last more than 5minutes 8D), while it’s pretty easy, only a few brush strokes, a little waiting and here it is. The only difficulty in it would be to chose pigmented-enough polishes – and here, Sloane Gardens isn’t a too much packed glitter polish to be perfect with only one coat, I needed to add some on my tips – which isn’t too hard, for a result I really liked ! (until my top coat lost a hair on my thumb, that little ***! tsss)


(With two guest stars, my feet freshly pedicured with Naughty Nautical :D)

See you soon for new polished adventures! 🙂

Lili ~


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