I sinned, I stamped ~ Bourjois and A England

Since the fated day I decided painting my nails was fun (and appeasing hm) and looked everyday at NPA blogs which make my eyes drop, there was one thing which was making me droll (other than the new A England or Butter London collection, duh!) and it was the variety of amazing results they were able to get on their nails thanks to stamping plates. I never managed to do it and buy a kit, don’t ask me why, maybe partly because I’m a huge lazy ass, but anyway. I was still drolling. Until I ended up into an actual shop which was selling everything. And that was the end of me.

So now, I’m going back home, with my Konad stamp and plate, my wallet crying, me smiling. I first tried it out with mint and silver, but it wasn’t really smart of me (silver couldn’t really stand out), before I had a sudden bright idea and I took from my bed table (my own little Helmer if you want)(yes, I have a slight problem with parenthesis today) the little Bourjois I found during the sales: Bleu Moonlight.

It was an entire first for me, since I never tried Bourjois nail polish, and I should have, surely! The brush is just as I love them, wide even if it’s short (I mean, depends on what you like, but I’m not a huge fan of thin brush such as Kiko’s), no problems to apply it, and, surprise, it could actually pass as a one coater. Yep, but I applied 2 anyway, otherwise it wouldn’t be funny. Nothing to say about the drying time, I don’t have much complain about this Bourjois. Except maybe for one: in its bottle, it’s a lovely navy dark blue, full of little shimmering glitters, lightening it up from the inside, but once on the nails, almost nothing, so, a little disappointing.

Stamping - Bourgeois and A England (2)

Stamping - Bourgeois and A England (1)

And I stamped. A lot. It was fun, it was easy, it was so enjoyable, even my mom and boyfriend had , for once, to admit it was really nice. I used Excalibur from A England, I love so much that polish, I always feel like it’s a bottled liquid sword. So yes, maybe not on all my nails, it might be too much, but since it goes sooooo well with so many polishes, who cares? 😀

I reversed the colors for my accent nail, convinced that as a hidden one coater Bleu Moonlight would be perfect for stamping. I was greatly mistaken. Well, it looks less awful on my right hand, which almost made me take pictures of it, but then, I remembered I’d rather not to XD “Right hand? Where have you seen people showing like, their right hand? Are you crazy in your head?”

Stamping - Bourgeois and A England (3)

Stamping - Bourgeois and A England (5)

Stamping - Bourgeois and A England (4)

So now, I’m counting what’s left on my bank account to try and find enough to invest into the full Mirror collection from Kiko, perfect for stamping and/or a plates set from Bundle Monster/Pueen/Cheeky… Help !

See you soon for new polished adventures !

Lili ~


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