Nailstorming #1 ~ Feels like a strawberry smell in the air

Originally, I wasn’t supposed to participate for the first time to Mademoiselle Emma’s Nailstorming today. Originally, I wasn’t either supposed to end up like a junkie because of solvents, with devastated cuticles and a ready to throw all my polishes out of the window. Nope, I was supposed to sit outdoor and do my nails in pink, properly, add little orange triangles and some glitter and go have a drink with friends. I went downtown without any polish on. I tried again later in the day, with some light purple. I messed it up this afternoon trying some nailart.

 The smell from solvents finally got me, I was ready to just put on Saint George from A England. But I remembered a combo I once did, little St George Triangles on Essie’s Leading Lady, and a friend’s comment “oh, did you do strawberry nails? It looks cute!”. I had to sort out strawberry from the garden earlier, took me one good hour as I was trying to salvage what could still be in the middle of half eaten and rotten ones (Sexy time in here, right?), and that almost made me give up on my stupid idea. Yet, I was getting bored of having nothing on my nails. So I took Leading Lady.



 This polish is a really pretty dark red jelly, full of little golden glitters, which gives me the feeling of having raspberry jam on my nails, yum! As for application, I must say it’s a little weird. The first coat is far from being enough, with some bald spots due to the glitters, but the second coat correct most of them in fact, I added a third one cuz I’m picky I thought I didn’t apply it well enough… Drying time is super quick though, faster than Essie’s creme, which is already great.

I went roller-skating under the sun, so that my nails will be tape-proof, and added Saint George, the lovely teal from A England: here you go, genetically modified holographic strawberries ! 🙂




And, to conclude, worldwide exclusivity, my right hand on which I added yellow dots. Yes, because usually people add some. But I wasn’t convinced, weren’t Leading Lady’s glitters enough? >< And I’m still unconvinced, these glitters are way too cool !


A bientôt pour de nouvelles aventures verniesques !

Lili ~


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