Lil’ loops, here I come! ~ Easy Nail art with Revlon

For my 20th birthday, one of my sister wanted to give me a little something in addition to what she already planned, and asked me what would make me happy. Obviously, the first thing that came to my mind was a stamping kit. She couldn’t find one in the end (well, can’t be helped, can’t be found everywhere either hm) and instead gave me something I heard of some time ago (an article from Grazia maybe) but it didn’t spark much my interest at that time: Revlon Nail Art Expressionist, a dual polish with two colors and two brushes, one for painting your color on your nails, the other a liner to discover nail art.



Available in several tints, mine, Pop Art (300) is blue (the base color) and pink (the liner), talk about odds, that’s another blue for me, and a liner I was rather eager to try out. And that was a very good first impression from Revlon that I got! The blue was really easy to apply, the brush, despite being thinner than the large flat I’m used to, is nicely widening on the nail for a nice pose. Two thin coats enabled me to get a really good result: it’s a very bright blue, in-between turquoise and sky blue, not really the kind of color which is always wearable but perfect for the summer which has finally showed up! Drying time was ok, and that makes me curious to know whether the same can be said about all the different Revlon nail polish collections available out there!



And then I used the liner, pink, veeery pink, barbie pink in fact! Funky, not a tint I would wear on all of my nails, but original as a liner. My mistake was to try to put as little polish as possible on it to get nice lines, you need to put some of it if you want to actually get one. Too much polish might give a rough result, not enough and you’ll have to add another coat, but once you’ve found what’s the good amount, you get to draw lines on your nails without having to put two coats of it! I wanted to have a try at a design I saw some time ago, maybe on the A England’s facebook page (not sure, will look it up later maybe): little loops – with the liner – on the higher half of the nail, and a fill the new space created with another color to create some kind of twisted “french” – with Tristam from A England.




I really liked the result, bright and original compared to what I’m used to do, but quite easy once you’ve got the right tools !

See you soon for new polished adventures !

Lili ~


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