Nailstorming #2 ~ Be Patriotic, little chick!

I was really close to never write this article. Sure the theme for this Nailstorming was pretty much inspiring (yeepee !), but since I still don’t own any white nail polish, the limits were quite obvious. For a few minutes, I actually considered to represent Chinese national day rather than the French one on my nails, easier, red and yellow I have, it would be quite original and that would be great for my appointment at the general consulate tomorrow morning (#truestory).

But then I realized that wasn’t such a bright idea a went looking for anything which could serve as white polish without having to spend €11.9 in Essie’s Blanc (yes, I can be stingy sometimes. Okay, always 8D). And that’s when I found my sister’s white for French manicure from Yves Rocher. Maybe that would have been better for me not to find it when I think about it, because that thing what such a pain in the a**, with a beveled (is that the right word?) brush (which is actually quite logical you would say, but not cool when you wanna paint your whole nail) and it just DOESN’T dry. Like you should see my index finger, it’s seriously laughable right now, a nice little smeared white spot, so classy!

Anyway, here are my patriotic nails for this Nailstorming “national day”! Enjoy my rooster, I love him! And I’m going to watch the fireworks (ok, technically, I already watched them, but since I’m just translating…). And getting ready to see the face of the Chinese lady tomorrow in Strasbourg when she’ll see my nails. But that’s another story! Have a nice 14th July (too late xD) everyone!




See you soon for new polished adventures!

Lili ~


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