Chevrons? I’m not scared! (or almost) ~ Essie mani full of sun

Since I was seeing so many pretty mani on Instagram, I felt like trying chevrons nails too. After all, when you think about it, shouldn’t be too hard hm, one cut little pieces of tape with zigzag scissors, stick them to one’s nails, put a coat of polish, quickly remove the tape and here you go! I had everything already planned, with a summery base, Tart Deco. This Essie creme is opaque in three thin coats or with a thicker second coat you can skip the 3rd one, bright and glossy, summer at the tip of my nails!



Yep, but there is theory. And reality. And in reality, me and tape we’re not that much of good friends, well, depends on the times, but here, I was starting of the wrong foot, cutting it not like I should have. Tape 1 – Me 0. And then, I wanted to use Ole Caliente, a very nice red creme from Essie last spring collection, leaning towards pink and neon. Yep, but I had forgotten that this little prick was getting thick. And therefore, I killed my mani. Tape 2 – Me 0. Learning dearly my lesson (maybe), I went back to use Snap Happy, another red creme, from this winter’s collection, pretty liquid, but applies like a marvel. And my face found back some colors, finally.

Tape 2 – Me 1: after several a few disappointing trials, I can say that I pretty much succeeded in doing chevrons nails! Even if my little finger is in its rebellious stage. Ok, Tape 2.5 – Me 0.5!




With these colors, this sun, I’m really just missing the pool, my hands look like they’re tanned, if that’s not a sign that summer is finally there, I don’t know anything anymore! 😀

See you soon for new polished adventures !

Lili ~


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