I am a sheep ~ Aztec nails

Beeeh ~ (I dunno what’s the sound of a sheep in English, so I sticked with French XD)

This article is more of a poke to a friend than anything else: not long ago, when I was showing her my clouds in progress, she called me “Miss Clouds” and proceeded to tell me how she’d like to try Aztec nails. To which I answered: Miss sheep 😀 So there it goes, inversion of the roles, it’s my turn to be the sheep and you the shepherd for showing me the path to Aztec nails, since, I have to admit, I tried (I approved) it!

It’s without any real given idea that I started. A quick glance at  the great Pshiiit’s tutorial to understand the basis of this -for now- mystic technique, but not more so that I wouldn’t mindlessly copy her design either (I’m not a sheep to that extend, not that time at least XD), 4 polishes going more or less well together  – Kiko 279 and 389 a sunny yellow and bright mint, accompanied by Avenue Maintain from Essie, a really nice blue, and Call me Gwen-ever, an orange from OPI-  a black permanent pen and a little patience later, here they are!




So yes, obviously, it’s not perfect (sorry I’m such a bad nail art blogger XD), it’s not as neat as I would have liked it to be, my black isn’t as black as I expected it to be, my choice of color lacks luminosity, my top coat is being a jerk and smeared the previously mentioned black, my pattern lacks a bit a lot a great deal of originality. Yep, all of that at the same time, without any doubt. But in the end, I still managed to amaze myself (that happens sometimes, yesyes) by quite liking the result on my nails. I kind of understand better why people are so attracted to Aztec patterns now.



And you, would you give Aztec nails a go? 🙂

See you soon for new polished adventures!

Lili ~


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