Glitters fireworks ~ Arrival of Model Own

While I was wandering in town the other day, trying to find a last discounted item in my size (I swear, it exists!) my feet unconsciously brought me to Monoprix (I swear, it happens!). And I had a blank moment. Yes because since I had be checking so many times, I had totally lost hope to see Model Own polishes there before I left for my holidays. Therefore, I wasn’t psychologically ready to see them in front of me! Pretty things for sure, all to my liking? That’s another story…

I was reasonable(ok, I’m so broke I don’t really have any other choice) and only went back home with one of these precious: Disco Mix, un polish full of little blue and fuchsia glitters with blend together to give out a purple feeling. I felt like pairing it with the very pretty lavender purple from OPI, with a nice shimmer (more visible in the bottle than on the nail though), You’re such a Budapest (am I the only one to melt in front of these names? XD . It applies in three thin coats, not really any way to do otherwise with this kind of color which can be streaky and tricky, but no problem otherwise to pose it and drying time good, as expected’.

And with tape, I decided to try put a new design I never tried.



Not the best plan of the day, I’m very uncertain regarding the result… Disco Mix could be a little marvel if it wasn’t such a pain to apply: even thin coats had a hard time to dry, the polish is rather thick and you have to be careful not to create bald zones, and to get something rather opaque, you need a thick coat… And I don’t know what to think of my great idea anymore!



(Pictures taken under the threat of hungry bees!)

What’s your opinion, total fail? I’m already opening nail polish remover!

See you soon for new polished adventures!

Lili ~


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