Holidays and other perturbations ~ mani coming from the sun

For those of you following quite regularly my blog (I’m not going as far as saying I have an army of followers but I know some names pop up almost every single time on Hellocoton and that is always a pleasure to see:) ) might have noticed that my publication rhythm which was pretty much chaotic – I post when I have the time, once, twice or even three times a week – became regular: one article per week, on Thursday evening.

This change, I wanted it, the last three articles I planned them at the beginning of July before I left for almost one month away. I was a summer camp counselor for two weeks before going two weeks in holidays in the south of France and didn’t want to let my blog die during that time.

This week, no article, because in the end I wasn’t exactly able to write in advance four articles, oups! To get away with this, here is a little mash up of what I had on my nails during these last weeks!

I left for summer camp naked (well, only my nails, duh!), and went back the same way, but in-between, during my first day-off, I couldn’t resist the urge of painting my nails even if the next day at the climb in the trees adventure park quickly ended it… And by the way, in our very feminine team, almost all of us had toes painted to match our flip-flops, that didn’t go without my noticing, that made me laugh, we’re everywhere, hidden in every of us! 😀 Anyway, Essie Naughty Nautical, teamed up with an unknown dark blue Kiko which was lent to me, a single picture taken with my phone, very professional !

2013-07-20 08.46.48

Once I got in the south, I quickly succumbed to the urge of applying nail polish (yes yes, I know, I’m crazy…). I chose Butler Please and Kiko 279 and 389, already used in my Aztec mani, a very nice yellow and a clear mint with which I fell in love, for a flowery accent nail.



Sea + pool = Nourish me, my base from Essie, became a perfect peel off base. I swear. And it provided me with an excuse to paint my nails. This time, I didn’t have any particular idea, only my tape and needle (I’m a cotton blogger without dotting tool!). The result? A strange geometrical mix, with Where is my Chauffeur as my base, yellow dots with Kiko, Tart Deco and Butler Please for the accent nail, which wasn’t too bad in fact. Ah, and I love laurel flowers 😀



I also had time to paint the nails of my bf’s little sister: 3 thin coats of Sephora’s white polish (not that bad in fact after what I hear about OPI and Essie’s, I was expecting much worse). Of course, it’s not as neat as what I would have gotten with another brand’s, but it’s still a good alternative, no drying problems either even if I took precautions before adding more. I added some flowers with Cute as a Button and Butler Please (Essie, Essie, Essie…) for a quite simple but neat and bright result, matching the situation!



The weather wasn’t with us anymore but I also wanted to do triangles. I used Tart Deco for the base, then Kiko’s yellow and Cute as a Button. My pictures are clearly lacking sun but when it came back my manicure was wearing out. Oh and my top coat, when it’s not too occupied smearing my patterns is making bubbles, nice ><



On another subject (almost), I discovered I could actually love Kiko’s nail polish: yes, I am struggling to use their thin brush on my hands’ nails, but it’s just perfect for my toes, magical!

2013-08-09 15.05.38

And I couldn’t refrain from buying €2 neon pink polish which I love way too much. What’s more, it’s not stinking as much as I expected, applies perfectly and it’s staying quite well! We’ll see when I’ll have to remove it, but anyway, very good surprise! It also has a neon yellow fellow but I might be less pleased with it!


Oh and I made many friendship bracelets. During summer camp and after. #likeakid. One is even missing on the picture. And that’s almost not off topic 😉

2013-07-31 11.47.58

If you read everything, congrats! I’m not sure the blog will be back to a normal publication rhythm however, I’m just back from my holidays but I’m moving next Friday and flying away to one year in China in two weeks, a lot of perturbation to come and I’m not sure of how I’m going to handle that mess but I continue to post on my little blog 🙂

See you soon for new polished adventures!

Lili ~


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