Lace like ~ Red and stamping are back

When I came back on Saturday evening, one of my first move was to take out my nail polish remover and end it with my very pink mani which was pretty swag (yes, I’m letting myself going crazy this evening) but clearly crying for help. Looking at my little collection, I wasn’t brave enough to think about a new color association and went to sleep after applying Ecrinal strengthener and L’Occitane’s Shea butter (and they really need some intensive care…)

On Sunday though, I was rather inspired: I wanted to match my nails with my top, a nice red tank top with lace on the front. So, I looked at the red polishes I could use, hesitated between Snap Happy and Forever Yummy (Essie) and went for the second. Forever Yummy is a really beautiful blood red, the one which marked the beginning of my polish addiction, my very first good polish, when I only knew red polish. It applies like a marvel (maybe because I almost never use it in fact!) and is a one-coater. I’m a bit of a maniac so put on a second coat, but more because I wanted it than because it needed it.

On my ring finger, to have a contrast, and because I still don’t own any white (but the discount at Marionnaud, 2 make up products bought, the 3rd is free, is pretty dangerous!) I used Samoan Sand from OPI which is actually my mother’s. She only wears it when I put it on her nails: it’s a really nice nude which applies quite well, but when your not a nail addict, 3 thin cots it’s a little more than what you can bear, hm. Since I had discovered Forever Yummy’s ability, I had to test it for stamping and… It works! 😀 For the other nails, I stamped the floral pattern with Konad’s special white nail polish.

Stamping - Essie and OPI (2)

Stamping - Essie and OPI (4)

Stamping - Essie and OPI (5)

Stamping - Essie and OPI (3)

Simple but rather efficient, and dressed up, I liked to wear this mani even if I actually preferred my ring fingers and right hand on which I only stamped the ring finger… I kept it for 3 days without any chip, despite being running everywhere and putting a few years in boxes !

See you soon for new polished adventures!

Lili ~


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