Never without my tape~ OPI and A England make it work

As I’m typing this article, I’m lying down in my garden, without any Internet connection, waiting for the movers to have done the largest part of the job so that we can begin cleaning the house. I tried to find things to do, really, I fell asleep outdoor, played with a picture, checked the social networks… But since 7.3 am, I’m starting to get seriously bored!

So there I am, usefully using that time to open my computer and update my baby blog!

As I already said, I don’t own that many polishes compared to the usual NPA, but I still had one untried (actually two but I don’t have the kind of time to have fun with my velvet kit right now 8D)(it’s from the sales, I swear!). This precious (right now protected, and sitting in a suitcase with all his friends, which won’t be given to the movers -nope, I’m not paranoiac!) is one of the few OPI I own. It’s from the James Bond collection which was released this winter, one I liked but it wasn’t either love at first sight like with Oktoberfest; Tomorrow Never Dies. It’s a purple, and the first impression is it’s a metallic one (hello brush’s marks on my nails!) but in fact it’s infused with super mini blue and pink glitters which gives off that kind of effect. When I realized it outdoor, let me say I got stars in my eyes… So, no ugly brush’s marks, it applies like butter in three thin coats (2 can be enough if you’re not a maniac 😉 )

I wore it with Excalibur from A England, first edition (the new ones seems awesome though very different) for a pretty futuristic looking mani!

Triangles -  Tomorrow Never Dies and Excalibur (2)

Triangles -  Tomorrow Never Dies and Excalibur (1)

Triangles -  Tomorrow Never Dies and Excalibur (3)

Triangles -  Tomorrow Never Dies and Excalibur (4)

I took these pictures two days ago and I’m really glad I did so: with the moving out going on, several of my nails are clearly splitting, I broke two corners and my hands look awful… I feel like using nail polish remover that instant, but I’m waiting for the cleaning to be done, too afraid of damaging them just more! A pity cuz I really fell in love with that purple, a color I don’t usually wear! 🙂

See you soon for new polished adventures!



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