Blue sky and nails ~ An Essie story

When I finally got the chance to remove the fantastic OPI I was wearing (in a pretty pitiful state hm), I had a great nail-art idea in mind. Well, great, great as “I for once have a cool idea!” not really original or anything, just an idea. I wanted to take everything I needed to do a sailor nail-art, to do lines on a gradient of blues, to draw an anchor on a red background…

So, yes, I had an idea. And, of course, I did something else, much more easy to do even if I still managed to encounter troubles (yes, even when I decide to do easier, I manage to fail. Actually, I might fail once out of two when you think about it…). I contented myself with a blue gradient and a single triangle as accent nail cuz I had so much inspiration right (ironic mode:on)(to my grandmother’s desperation, she was wondering what I was doing with a sponge). Feat Lapiz of luxury, Avenue Maintain and Mesmerized from Essie. AND, most important guest: bubbles/ Every single time or almost, I don’t know what I did to deserve so many bubbles recently. Until I find an answer, enjoy the pictures taken super quickly before a family dinner!

Gradient - Essie Blues (2)

Gradient - Essie Blues (1)

Gradient - Essie Blues (4)

Gradient - Essie Blues (3)

I think I could have really love this many, like, really! Without the bubbles I would have loved it of crazy love. Ok ok, maybe not that much, it’s obviously lacking some pink or mint to get me into that kind of state, BUT, you see what I mean. However (yes, but would have been better but (sh*t) i don’t like to repeat words, in French it’s pretty un-proper, what about English? Guess it’s the same?) I got bubbles. Therefore (this article is starting to look like one of my essays…) I had to use nail remover (well, much later than what I wished since we had work to do as the movers got to the house, hm). I’m right now in the middle of a neon mani (you can see it on instagram, I’m Lilinyappy 🙂 ) which is getting out of control (meaning: I already had to remove the polish out of 2 nails 8D) which might end up here one day!J

See you soon for new polished adventures

Lili ~


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