Challenge accepted ~ gradient powa!

As I was saying yesterday (yes, today we celebrate, two articles in one week at one day of difference, I’m already planning on being quite silent after arriving to China you see!), I started with much energy and will a neon yellow manicure (yes, I’m that kind of girl, I like to take risks!). Yes but (one of my favorite formula here with the “but”, coincidence? I think not…) I tried some little things, I failed miserably, and failed again (4 to 5 coats to get some kind of opacity. Nervous laugh)(my parenthesis craziness is back, yay) and my nails decided that nope, they wouldn’t dry so I finally made a bald spot on one of my nails and there you go.

And from there, one strange connection was made in my brain (nothing out of the ordinary ahaha) and I remembered how, several months ago, I was challenged to do a “tropical sunset” mani. So this post is, after my aztec nails, is also kind of dedicated 😉

I went back to my sponges, applied 3 coats of my Kiko’s yellow, number 279, and realized a gradient using Tart Deco, Cute as a Button and Ole Caliente from Essie. Not as clean nor blended as I would have liked, it’s still a good background for the palm trees I then drew with a black marker!

Gradient - Sunset on the beach (1)



(my sunglasses need some major cleaning helloooooo 8D)



My thumb was feeling left out you know, since it didn’t fit on the pictures with the others… And I just realize now that I had yellow polish on my hand, haha, I’m such a failure as a nail blogger sometimes.

I got a few lot of bubbles, but for once, I don’t really care, just as my black isn’t quite as black as planned, but I quite like the bleached effect it gives off! And I’ve got the song “sous le sunlight des tropiques” in my head (don’t thank me for that, mwahahaha)!

See you soon for new polished adventures!

Lili ~


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