Back to pink ! ~ And Le Blanc, it’s Essie

I’m quite persistent about that fact since I started this blo: I don’t own any white polish. Stingy and newbie as I was, I didn’t see the interest of adding this kind of color to my very little collection when I had the choice to pick one out of so many. In between, I discovered marvels and had to admit that yes, white is useful, great, and absolutely necessary to my survival. Yes, to that extent.

So there I am, at one week of my departure to China (well, it was one week, but now just a mere days!) and in expedition in Lyon for a last vaccination, I managed to find my little precious: Blanc (is its name White out of France? Never asked myself that question…). I heard much about it, and saw several swatches and mani using it, but I still wasn’t prepared to the result on my nails: if the first coat isn’t quite a dream, the second and third (two are only sufficient if you apply a thick second coat, or don’t mind too much about it because you are only using it as nail-art base) quickly got me. I almost wished I didn’t apply glitter as my accent nail! I was just contemplating my nails, looking at them at every possible angle, acting as if I was Mademoiselle Emma and her amazing fingers because it was just too beautiful and too perfect! No clean up required, just perfect the way it was!



The glitters by the way, it’s Ciaté Love Letter. I bought it on the moment, didn’t think too much about it, I just felt like buying glitters and it was there, in front of me (ok, it’s a way of speech hm, I actually stood in front of polishes more to try and find a color matching it ahaha). I have some difficulties to describe it, I’d say it’s a duochrome base, switching from orange to pink dependning on angle and light, filled with many glitters of different sizes, also pink and orange. But I’m sure about that, I see the effect, but can’t determine where it comes from, and maybe the glitters are all pink. But well, intention matters right? 😉

As I was saying, I was already pretty much in love with my nails at that step, but I still wanted to had a little touch, inspired by a pattern I had seen on Pshiiit’s legendary blog. Using, once again, Cute as a Button from Essie (and it’s going down…) and a neon pink from a cheap brand, Yes Love.




In the end, I even got to hear my dad say it was really nice, so I’m kind of self-congratulating right now. And I’m still looking at my nails all the time because I love the glitters, the pattern, and the white !

See you soon for new polished adventures !

Lili ~


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