Hello China ! ~ White and blue to keep me company

After having troubles for a few days, between internet connexion problem, not working wifi and the joy of being in the country of the Great Firewall (which block wordpress. And even blogspot…), I’m back! 😀

I thought about this last manicure on French soil for quite a long time. I first thought about doing a Chinese themed one, with red, gold and Chinese characters, all that kind of stuff. But red? I love it, really, but blue stays first into my tiny heart (ok, not from much, I admit, but I still prefer blues) so I ended up giving up on my Chinese plans.

I chose my little favorite the famous Bleu Majorelle from YSL, but I still needed some little accent nail despite the beauty and amazingness (and perfection, but I tend to repeat myself when it comes to my favorites…) of this jewel. I did some research and it seemed that the white accent nail with a centered glittering triangle was quite the trend (thanks Pshiiit ! :D) so I went for it, chosing A England’s Tristaml, one of my all time fav’ too (and since I don’t own Cosmos to replicate the look!)





And I loved it!

I have to confess I had great projects for my nails. YSL and A England were to be my friends for a week so that I could look for housing and do my administrative stuff in peace, without doing my nails. Thing is, my indexes (mutins, I swear!) didn’t quite appreciate the 11 hours of flight and broke, and the rest of my nails quite followed suit in fact… I’m taking care of that awful lot right now but still wiating for my indexes to look more presentable before starting taking new pictures, especially as I only brought a few kiko polishes with me, which isn’t satisfying AT ALL

I tried a Korean brand (O.B.I., I laughed), supposedly 3-free but obviously not: the thing stinks solvents at 4km around, it smells like industrial paint, I feel so cheated, cannot use that! Also met several OPI fake actually, all called That’s Berry Daring (yes, including the yellow one, it was called like this), rather funny! So many manicure salons too, and the trend seems to be discrete yet preppy, princess nails, usually French with layed glitter, not sure I’m gonna follow on that, we’ll see!

See you for new polished adventures in China !

Lili ~


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