Milky way ~ Victory Victory Victory Korea!

Before anything I need to share my fantastic inspiration for the title:

Fabulous, isn’t it? 😀

Last time I was telling you about my misadventures with Korea polishes: paid for the price of a Yes Love polish on a French market and maybe a bit more, supposedly 3-free but terribly not and, after one try I can even say not willing to dry. So I said that Seoul and me, it was old story (Yeah, I’m trying hard to avoid repetition there, and it’s hard!). But that my friends, that was before I entered who knows how (seriously, pure hasard, I swear) a Korean cosmetic shop on Nanjing Rd: Innisfree

A nice stall of nail polishes, with different types, several cremes, glitter, some neon and maybe irised ones. Colors are not crazy either, as I said, Asian keep it safe when it comes to their polishes colors, or at least it seems to be that way here, so you get a nice choice of reds and pinks but only 3 blues, plus (a really nice plus) several glitters, since they like them layered. I was tempted by 2-3 of them, especially one which looked quite close to Deborah Lipmann’s Mermaid’s Dream, and finally exited the shop with only one, the well-named n°44 (ok, it has a name, but it’s written in Chinese and I’m too lazy to look up the translation…)

In this little one (10mL), you get a very light blue base, obviously without any kind of opacity whatsoever, in which swim blue and pink glitters of different sizes. The shiny kind of, which is probably what made me buy it, I like Lush’s polishes but I’m still quite unsure about how I feel with their type of glitter. It applies quite well, here in 3 thin coats, and it dries pretty fast. No idea if it’s 3-free or not, but at least it doesn’t kill my nose!

image image 20130911-182833.jpg

It drastically changes from what I’m used to put on my nails, the free edge (yeah, I’ve got 1/4mm of free edge, youhou!) is still visible, it’s pale, and has a little bit of magic in it I find, and I like that! Btw, I’m super mega fan of my new mouse ring! :

See you for new Korean polished adventures !

Lili ~


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