Winter is (not) coming ~ Mint fever

And I’m back, once again under the Chinese sunshine! (no kidding, we can actually see it, ahaha)

Despite all the love I was showing it, seems like it wasn’t reciprocated : my Milky Way (I took the liberty of giving him a name until I can tell what it really is) quickly got off my nails, and it wasn’t only chipping, nope, it peeled off most of them, as if a weird reaction occurred between him and my Rock Solid Essie base…

Anyway, that gave me a perfect excuse for doing my nails again. And that’s where it is getting harder: I currently have eight polishes with me, including the one I presented you last time, 2 very stinky Korean ones and 5 Kiko, and I was smart when I chose my color, I took two Sugar Mat and one holo, because everyone knows how easy it is to do NA with that!
In the end, I was inspired by the talented ladies at Newlypolished and decided to use Kiko 389 (my beloved Mint, as always it seems!) and 335, a navy blue which kind of looks like ink in its bottle (I love its color but it has the bad habit of staining my nails even though I always wear a base…) – this being said, it applies really well, and is slightly more liquid that the mint, but I think that one suffered from the heat…





I surprised myself by how a good job I was able to do with my base color since I always say how I dislike Kiko’s brush, but seems like I’m getting the hang of it ! (well, not like I have any more choice now…)! And I’m really pleased with the result, even if, obviously, my top coat decided it was a good time to smear and make bubbles. Damned! Anyway, a simple yet very nice mani to wear under the still nice weather we have in Shanghai!

See you soon for new polished adventures !

Lili ~


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