Pink colored life ~ Polka dots for Et trois petits points

When Et trois petits point launched her cute giveaway on Instagram, I realized it was what I was waiting for to indulge into some Polka dots mani with my needle (yes, still no dotting dool in the picture, ahaha), something I hadn’t done in quite a time!.

Since I’m reaaally lacking polishes here, I went to buy two, once again Korean ones, pinkish ones, keeping into mind the little blue I saw, ready to come back if they were worth it. Well, they’re not. They don’t stink like solvents, true (and it’s a relief, but I open all bottles before buying now…) but the brush is pretty thin (Kiko’s brush at least widens a bit and is usable, but this one, not really…) and most importantly: it doesn’t dry… Try to picture it, I had to wait 15 good minutes before applying my second coat, 30 again to add my dots and topped it with fast drying top coat but I still got marks on my nails. I leave the other hand, on which I didn’t but any top coat, to your imagination! .

It’s a shame because I like the color in the bottle! I matched it with Kiko’s 641 Sugar Mat, a glitter pink almost coral, for a mani which could almost be a “quick” one, except for the drying time obviously! …





In the end, I’m not that convinced by my result, I’m not sure my skin type actually suits that kind of color, too bad! Oh and my pictures are not really nice, the evening light is bad on these shades, but the next day it wasn’t worth taking any pictures already…

See you soon for new polished adventures!

Lili ~


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