Blue is our color and LH is our name ~ Checked pattern !

(the fake cheerleader in me popped up as I was writing the title, she is already gone I swear!)

As I was (and still am) for my MeiMei’s signature nailmail, I must say I was on the verge of despair: I needed urgently something on my nails, something new if possible. With 9 lacquers available. Counting stinky and non-drying ones (I know, I repeat myself!). Well then, challenge accepted! (yes, I’m also very much waiting for the new season of HIMYM…)

So I took the lovely Kiko 335, a deep ink-looking blue which applies without any problems (ohmygosh that’s it, I’m starting to like this brush!) in 2 to 3 coats, with two leaving some transparency, which can actually be very nice if you chose to leave it as it is. I put 3 obviously but I’m a maniac, and no drying issues, usual Kiko’s quality!

Once this was well dry, I cut pieces of tape to make little blue holographic squares, using Kiko’s Peackock Green, the 401 (yeah, it’s blue, mind you!). I must say this one requires a lot more of care when applying, maybe without any undies or using an aquabase would be the solution? I already forgot everything I read when it was released, cardboard blogger! I repeated the tape thingy later on and lined it with a black liquid ink pen.






And I like like like! I had almost forgotten how great it was to use a black pen and the infinity of possible it opened! (i.e., be ready for some more of this holo because I have an idea!), I’m so pleased with the result! Obviously, my top coat had to make bubbles, just so I can wish I hadn’t only ordered a base coat… But whatever, I’m still quite happy, especially since I can look at the holo shine anytime with the sun we still have here!

See you soon for new polished adventures!

Lili ~


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