Back to blue stumps ~ OPI and nail stickers

My package from MeiMei’s signature arrived. Like, by some unexpected luck (no, it has nothing to do with the fact that I almost never have class) it arrived when I was home! I would have loved to scream of joy but no one was home, so fun, so I ended up sending half of my whatsapp contact pictures of my new babies: a bit of A England and OPI to cheer me up after Chinese/Korean and whatever disappointments.

At first I applied Elaine, and used my mint from Kiko to do some nice NA, but then my index finger realized it had already been 3 week since the last time it split and that he was getting bored in China before I could take any proper pictures… I cut and filed everything and finally put on the just as pretty Unfor-greta-bly Blue, an OPI of the Germany collection.

Application was just as perfect as ever, as with the drying time, 3 thin coats did the job and brought back my smile and even the feeling that my nails were (almost) showable despite their ridiculous length. It’s actually the same type as Tomorrow Never Dies, looks metallic but it’s little glitter hidden inside 😀 A very pretty blue which shines so, and I just added some little clovers.





It’s simple, but I love the color of this OPI, like, REALLY, it makes me thing of Essie’s Aruba Blue which I drool over since a long time already, and I like the easy and luminous look obtained with the stickers even if they probably won’t last much! Oh and it’s really much more glossy in real life but there wasn’t much sun when I took my picture, and I doubt my stickers would actually wait for it!

See you soon for new polished adventures!



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