The importance of the magical holo glitter ~ Briar Rose a century later

I cowardly abandoned my blog, I must confess. Laziness? Not quite, I actually got the hang of all the weirdness my being in China meant for blogging. Nope, it always comes back to my lack of polishes problem. Until I find a solution (I starting a quest for real OPI in Shanghai, wish me luck!), I can still finish showing you every aspect of my small order at MeiMei’s signature.

Briar Rose then it is! Everyone hear about it, 99,9% of the blogosphere rushed to print it forever to our retinas, and 99,9% of its readers rushed to empty e-shops from the whole A England collection. I belong to the sad 0,1% who was quite penniless at that time, was lamenting in front of her screen et swearing that, one day, she will be able to afford some new precious.

Justice was made. Even if, in that case, my pictures and my nails are not really what I would call justice!




I just wanted to see it, like this, bare. Because that’s some work of art this little one: it shines, twinkles, whatever, it’s just super beautiful. The holographic effect is way stronger than the one which can be found in Tristam or St George, you can see it whatever the level of light, and that makes this polish magical. A red-rose-raspberry with a kind of old feeling to it, application as usual with A England, in other words, I’m in!

See you soon (promise!) for new polished adventures!!



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