Tape + holo = love ~A England’s stripping-taping

Ahaha, this title might sound weird!

So as you know, I am using the few colors I have right now hm, please forgive me for the lack of originality, but I guess it it rather reasonable to want to associate two jewels from A England that are Briar Rose and Elaine!

back to tape! I don’t know about you butI love that moment when you lift the littles pieces, with some apprehension:is it ok? Tape, it’s cleanness, neatness (I feel like I’m creating new Zoe’s there!), perfection (nope, you didn’t hear any frustration!) I was missing you! So, there you go, tape FTW (and nope, I don’t sound nerdy. At all)






Sun is being a bit of a pain quite the player here in Shanghai – the joy of living in a polluted but not yet too much megalopolis…- and I had to improvise something with my desk lamp. Results: ohmygodit’sholo and ohmygodit’sglossy! Obviously not as perfect as what you would get with a lightbox, but I’m still happy to see I can actually achieve that kind of picture! Oh and you might notice I’m trying to let my nails grow (if they agree, which is another story…) and I must say I like them this way!

See you soon for new polished adventures!



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