Pink October: Check~ This OPI which wasn’t really one Part 1

“I’m a barbie giiiirl, in a barbie woooorld, life in plastic, it’s fantastic…” (some say it can be cured!) Here is what I was singing to my roomie while showing her my nails. Can’t help it, so long since I really wore pink that I wouldn’t actually remember the feeling!

So this pink, let’s talk about it for a bit! Looks fairly like a discontinued OPI, Chapel of Love, 99% sure this a fake one. Yes but: perfect brush, trouble-free application in 3 coats for an amazing result, glossy and even still a bit jelly-like. So yeah, I found a fake OPI which has a true’s quality. I don’t even know if I should be sad about it or sing its praises!




This polish seemed like the perfect opportunity for my late contribution to October pink, this month of campaign against breast cancer, in France as well as in many other countries, #breastcancerawareness they say! More seriously: it’s here to learn about it girls!





A little logo more or less recognizable, a few pieces of tape, a sponge and a Korean red infused with glitter polish later, I’m quite proud! Tape pattern inspired by the talented Winkandblush! And as guest star my Zara scarf which has been following me to world’s end (litteraly!) since a few years already!

<p style="text-align:justify;"Raise awareness, take the test! 😉

See you soon for new polished adventures!



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