Veni, vedi, minty ~ A England’s going Aztec

In my package from Singapore, I also had another little one from A England. And I’m not talking about the Knight base coat (which is amazing btw) but of a color, a very dark and pretty crème polish which I was looking at since some time: Elaine.

This burgundy, very dark plum and slightly smoked purple is obviously a pleasure to apply, and the perfect color for autumn (although it’s not quite there here, mwahaha – I’m sick, I get revenge where I can!). And, it is also a very good match to my summer fav’, my mint from Kiko.





I was aiming for awesome triangles at first, I even did it, really; but it got into some kind of accident and didn’t survive long enough for me to take pictures… And I ended up rocking an Aztec pattern, very much inspired by De Tout De Rien 🙂

I am rather sad that you can actually see on these pictures that I badly applied Elaine over the Kiko, but still, I enjoyed the mix and match on my nails 🙂

See you soon for new polished adventures!



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