Movember ~ Innisfree invasion – Part 1

Beforehand, let me warn you, this article is the first of a little series, the result of a short moment of weakness after a long shopping day (come and try having your way in Shanghai’s fake markets, you’ll see it’s ACTUAL sport) during which we unexpectedly (nod nod)) stopped by the Korean environmentalist from Innisfree (not just a polish brand, but a nice and very green cosmetic brand, from the composition of their products to their packaging and their recycling, good point!). So, while I’m waiting for my two nail mails to arrive (I went crazy), these are satisfying conquests too!

This time, I applied the number 9 (they actually do have names, but in Chinese, and considering how China absolutely translates everything, I would guess they have a Korean name at first… If you are interested in knowing more about them, let me know 😉 ). Concerning the composition, as i said previously the brand is very eco-friendly, hence making me believe their nail polishes might be 3-free (or even 4?), I’m still researching on that!




(Coucou il fait trop beau!)


Not showing off much in the bottle, but still a very nice polish as I saw last time. Brush is a tad smaller than what I am used to, but still very comfortable and precise to work with, and drying time matches those of Essie or OPI I think. It’s a very pretty light-blue (grey), slightly making me think about Maximilian Strasse Her from Essie but alas, don’t have him with me to compare on the spot. I added a few moustaches using a black pen, topped with the black Sugar Mat (646) from Kiko for the accent nail.

My top coat slightly made my black pen drag, but I forgive him as I’m not necessarily 100% convinced by my own mustaches anyway, any opinion?

See you soon for new polished adventures!

Lili ~


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