My little black (and white) dress ~ Innisfree invasion – Part 2

As I mentioned last time, I didn’t come back from Innisfree, the cute little Korean brand with little polishes, nope nope, I brought four new babies home and I must say, they quite inspired me!

I used the white (n°1) in three thin coats, nothing to say there! It applies like butter, no problem seen with the drying time either, perfect. I went back to my good old tape to separate neatly my two colors and used the black (n°28) on the upper half of my nails. And again there, perfect application, and I even believe this one might be a one-coater, I want to check its stamping abilities!

And finally, to add some bling to it, I took the very pretty gold glitter (n°47). And there, I was really bummed, and I’m being polite: magical in three thin coats for opacity, it dries perfectly smooth and shiny, and I removed it as easily as a crème polish! And that’s without saying how pretty it is, I’m really onto it! Applied in accent nail so and free-handedly applied to delimitate my two halves 🙂 It is actually pretty posh when you look at it; almost feel like I’m just missing the little nail jewelry with two C’s! 😉






The only bad thing I can actually tell you: I can’t keep the polish from chipping. As soon as the next day (and I do my manicure in the evening…) I get chips everywhere, not even talking about the state of my right hand after 2 days! I don’t know if my base or topcoat could be responsible, but I feel slightly disappointed 😦

See you soon for new polished adventures!

Lili ~


2 thoughts on “My little black (and white) dress ~ Innisfree invasion – Part 2

  1. HELENA_GZB says:

    I have the same Innisfree gold ! I love it !
    It’s indeed weird you can’t keep the nailpolish I don’t have any problem when using an Innisfree nail polish, I can keep them several days !
    I dunno if you still can find them but the “macaron collection” is pretty nice !

    Nice nails ^^


  2. Lili~ says:

    Thanks 😉

    I’ve heard about the macaron collection but there is nothing specific in the shops right now which would let me say “oh this is the macaron collection!”, I’ve spotted a couple of nice pastels, but December doesn’t exactly makes me in the mood for them, I might look for them next spring 😉
    No idea what is going on either, which is why I precised I’m not sure the polishes are actually behind it, my nails are in pretty bad shape which might also be an explanation 🙂

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