Aztec is back (kind of) ~ Innisfree invasion – Part 4

I’m back again to close my chapter on my Korean adventures (well, for December at least…)!

So here I was, with my blue and white triangles fairly totaled (and I mean it, I went back from a manga convention on the third day with half of my right hand and one third of the left missing, normal stuff) et I didn’t feel like finishing my series in only three articles. The thing is, I wasn’t much more inspired by my fives polishes. So I went to sneak in my flat mate’s stash and there I found happiness: a dark, grey leaning lilac, a profound, red leading brown and a red, dark and vampi (I’ll edit as soon as I checked their references)

I applied the lighter, the pretty purple in three thin coats, and once again the quality was there! And then remembered how much fun it was doing a gradient! For the accent nail, I felt like hand-drawing a white Aztec pattern, not sure how it ended up turning out though!






I loved wearing this mani! I believe this is my best gradient so far, and the colors are just perfect for the season (kind off. It’s 18°C here *evil laugh*), and I had this French song, Octobre (by Francis Cabrel if you feel like checking it out, pretty old-fashioned ahaha) in my head for three days straight!

you soon for new polished adventures!


P.S.: I tried to listen to some advices that were made through the Beginner Bootcamp Reviews organized by Willpaintnailsforfood and crop a bit more my pictures, any opinions?


One thought on “Aztec is back (kind of) ~ Innisfree invasion – Part 4

  1. paintedfingertips says:

    Hi, I came from the Beginner Blogger Bootcamp. I really think your nails and photos look great. I also like the layout of your blog because it’s not too cluttered and I love that 🙂 The only thing I would recommend is to move your ‘follow by email’ widget up above your tag cloud, so it’s together with the other follow buttons and people can find it more easily 🙂

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