In triangle land, the chevron is king! ~ Pretty Serious glitter

Around a week ago, while I was heavily procrastinating (yep, it happent, sometimes… okay a lot), I heard the doorbell ring. I deeply believe that every single time it does (even when it was only a package for one of my roommates), I manage to reach the entrance quicker. Anyway, that day, I was receiving from MeiMei’s signature three very nice polishes from Pretty Serious!

I applied the very pretty Purple Monkey Dishwasher (I don’t wanna know), a polish with a clear base but very densely filled with purple glitter. Yep, that’s it folks! Okay, it needed three coats to reach some kind of opacity (I’m not even there yet, maybe a try on a purple base?) and requires a lot of top coat (4 coats on my picture if I’m not mistaken! And it’s not even perfectly smooth yet!)but I tell you, it’s really worth it! And drying time is so quick anyway…

That little monkey was paired with my fake OPI for the occasion, Chapel of Love, as an accent nail: two thin coats and a chevron to complete the look and there I come!





I’m not getting over this glitter (I am just beginning my adventure in glitterland!) even if obviously you’re gonna need papillots afterwards! It is a stunning nail polish, bright and a perfect match for pink!

See you soon for new polished adventures!



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