Coca Cola x Pretty Serious ~ It’s Christmas baby ! Part 1

This article could also have been called “hi I’m a mass consumption product” but it was a bit too long and all you know, so instead I settled for less swag. Startled? Well, I was too at first. Let me explain: it’s December, I have papers to write, finals to prepare and therefore obviously have the furious need to paint my nails with Christmas colors (I am being told it is actually called procrastination. Seriously? :p)

When we talk about holidays manicure, I have loads of ideas. Unoriginal ones I mean, reproductions of what awesome blogger have already done, and I find it hard to find something new in there. And suddenly, I felt like polar near (I had to settle for a panda at ikea just before, frustration). And my brain did the rest!


2 thin coats of Pretty Serious’ Santa’s Sunburn, a carmin red infused with glitter and a serious one-coater – a delight to apply, no brush mark – a toothpick, some white, glitter and white later and there you go!





And yes, I say it, I am proud of having nails looking like a coke can #noshame Ahaha. Slightly sad I didn’t notice earlier than my white and black had made my stars and my polar bear’s eyes to streak, I only realized while looking at the pictures 😦

See you soon for new polishes adventures!



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