In my Christmas socks… ~ It’s Christmas baby! Part 2

J-6. Only one exam, one terrible group paper and one presentation (on the 25th hmm notice how Chinese are funny when then try) before one little week of freedom. That is to say the only things I feel like doing right now are to live the nice life and go shopping. Yes, I know, I’m the very productive type of girl.

But in the middle of all this, I don’t forget the presents (I was told that spending Christmas on your own at the other end of the world is no excuse for skipping this? Damned!) and that’s how I got the idea for today’s manicure!

Two coats of Turbulence from KBShimmer as a base, a very pretty grey with little glitter inside, just enough for it not to be too plain and catch the eye, it dries mat though. A bit of tape, Bondi polish, Uptown Girl, a pinkish lilac (I’m inventing words, please don’t mind me it’s Christmas!) and some glitter dots with Pretty Serious Twinkling lights and I’m ready to wait for Santa!





A manicure not very original I must say (maybe in terms of colors though) but which I liked wearing!

See you soon for new polished adventures!



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