Glittery tips ~ Seoul, nail-art and me – Part 1

And I’m back again! Sorry for the hiatus, I came back from a week in South Korea just to better finish my exams, and even if this meant mainly intense procrastination, I can’t get my nails done in such a situation. You can add to that the fact that apparently I am unable to take a plane without breaking a nail (seriously, wt…), you get a un-updated blog. To make it up, I prepared a small series inspired by my time in Seoul! 🙂

When I came back, apart from filing even more my nails, I also really (obviously) wanted to start trying out what I brought back – for those of you not following me on Instagram, I brought back 14 polishes and some other goodies… Finally, after a great fight with my stripping tape and my tape (team work they say), glitter up til my nose, I managed to do what I planned!

br />


With normal sun’s light!


Close-up on the cray-cray Korean glitter 🙂


And under artificial light!

Two coats of Innisfree’s black (n°28) to which I added a combo of Tony Moly and Etude House, with on one hand a black based filled with pink red and blue glitters (n°20) and on the other a clear base with mainly silver, pink and purple glitters (#126). The result isn’t that much obvious on my pictures, but it is a double French manicure in triangles! And these two polishes are just perfect together, it was worth my effort!

See you soon for new Korean adventures!



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