Colourful shield ~ Seoul, nail-art and me – Part 2

At the place where I was expecting the least to see such colors and Asian pattern, the War Museum (by the way, it’s huge and really well made, a must see!) I saw a traditional shield which kind of really killed me, I had to take a picture of it and swore to myself I was going to do that on my nails. Reality is always harsher though, you won’t get to see the actual shield because I’m too ashamed of how much I derived from it…

For the base I used my fake OPI Just Groovy, a nice blue jeans a bit passed, except for the accent where I used the cute Green Apple from Etude House’s Ice Cream collection, just like its name says, pretty pastel. No problem for application of either of them. And then well, it’s a beautiful mess let’s say, I followed the principle behind clouds nails but with two colors the one over the others, using the blue and the pastel red from the same collection as the green, Red Orange, and when I was done with that, I felt it was necessary to add even more little lines with Peach and Blue Mint (Etude House again)! For the accent nail, I used a toothpick, a black marker, white and Christmas tree green with glitters from Innisfree (n°1 and 52).





In a nutshell, result is kind of weird (especially compared to original) but since the colors were going well with each other, I still decided to give it a go! Any opinions on all of that? 🙂

See you soon for new Korean adventures!



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