The case of the Korean sock ~ Seoul, nail-art and me – Part 3

Seoul is basically the paradise of any beautista with all its make-up shops. But there is something else with which Koreans are obsessed (well, they are actually obsessed by their appearance so in the end everything is related): socks! To be worn on your leggings and to show matched with your NewBalance (basic accessory of any Korean), and, once you remove your shoes, make us dream!

I’m quite the lover of very high socks, the tights-high types, but I was totally caught by this trend and came back with four adorable pairs, once even inspired me for a little NA 🙂

Three thin coats of the pretty #96 from Etude House, an incy blue very sweet, not very much opaque but the application is still very smooth, nothing to worry there, and for the accent, a mix between KBShimmer Turbulence for the grey, Etude House #48 (smoked dark purple) and Pretty Serious Purple Monkey Dishwasher for the purple, my faithful white from Innisfree, my fake OPI, the pink Chapel of Love and a black marker!






Seriously, with that kind of socks, it would be a shame to hide them under boots or jeans, don’t you agree? 😉

This is the end of my Korean episode, see you soon for new polished adventures (with Korean polishes though!)

Lili ~


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