Happy Chinese New Year ! ~ Santa is back. Chinese version.


Today (and still for another few days) Chinese people as well as another chunk of Asia are celebrating the lunar calendar New Year (Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese… To their liking!). The guiding principle in China? Red and gold, the two main colors. Red has a very strong connotation in here, it’s the color for happiness, strength, health, success, wealth… In a nutshell you traditionally were getting married in red and not in white even if things are changing. And as you might guess, when it’s time for them to change the year, it’s a bit the red and gold festival!

To keep a low profile here, I chose Pretty Serious Santa’s Sunburn, already used for my Coke Christmas manicure. Because, in a way, that’s it: Christmas in Asia, you take out the green and you start all over again! I’m repeating my own words but this amazing red is basically a one-coater even if I had to put two… Habits! On top of it I sponged a bit of my golden Innisfree n°47 for a gradient on my tips: there you go, CNY spirit!






As for my accent nail… Well, let’s be honest, I’m not at all fully convinced because I wasn’t able to convince all the people I showed it to. I copied an image found on Pinterest but not as well as I would have liked… It’s the traditional Chinese character for Horse derived into a horse (to begin with the character comes from the horse shape so it’s only natural).

And you, what do you think about my “horse”? :/

A very happy Chinese/Vietnamese/Korean (might forget some, these are the ones I know about haha) to all of you, see you soon for new polished adventures!



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