Bend it like Beckham: in Burberry! ~ Korean Mix and Match

My apologies for the tittle, it came when it was late, just like that, my brain just crushed under pressure… Anyway!

I found at the beginning of winter a large cashmere scarf (so they say… Who knows?) strangely looking like the famous Burberry one. Let’s face it, in addition to its size which I don’t believe actually exist, most people should be able to tell the difference as the colors of the fake ones are slightly off compared to the actual ones. Since I got it, I just had to do a matching NA, but I didn’t have and couldn’t find any good nude/beige for it and always put it for later.

My beige is still not the good one, but the best I found was at Skinfood and when I opened it stinked so much that I quickly put back the bottle on its shelf… Two thin coats of Choco, the pastel brown (yeah, not an actual beige) from Etude House Ice Cream collectIon, on which I drew with a little brush black and white lines with my usual Innisfree (n°28 and n°1) as well as Pretty Serious’ Santa Sunburn for the red, mixed with another red from Innisfree which was too dark for this purpose.





I have mixed feelings about it, on one hand I’m hallucinated that it’s not that hard to actually do rather straight lines, and on the other, I think that this design would be worth stripers or a more proper brush than the one I used, my lines are quite rough compared to what others already did on that (Tartofraises for example )!

See you soon for new polished adventures!



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