Nailstorming #3 ~ St. Patrick’s day

Happy St Paddy’s!

After a long month away – quickly: I planned on being back on the blog once my pre-made articles were over, as I was coming back from holidays mid-February but one week later I discovered that my SD card was corrupted… With no less than one month of holidays and two different countries on it, you can guess than I can’t just reinitialize it, I need to send it back! But between the terrible state of my nails after one month of beaches and stuff and my natural efficiency to act, buy a new  card took me some time – I am finally back with some festive mani! Until last year I didn’t really care much for all of that but since last summer it really inspire me for nail-art, Ireland just gave me the perfect opportunity for my come back!

Three coats of my favorite polish from Innisfree, n°1 on all my nails, shamrocks which have seen better days with the amazing neon green from the same brand, n°78, with little touches of glittery green, n°52 and golden dots with n°47 (don’t ask why, just wanted some gold in there)





As for the accent, I used the pastel yellow from Etude House Ice Cream collection – hi I am a pastel and YELLOW but I apply perfectly and am opaque in three thin coats 😀 – Banana as a base for a neon green and golden gradient (Innisfree). I finished it with a nail sticker this time, just to make sure that people would recognize at least on one nail what was going on.

I don’t like green. Nonetheless I am very happy with the result! Maybe a bit too much, might have skipped on the gold dots, but I am quite satisfied with my first St Patrick’s mani and Nailstorming (on a regular basis now :D)!

See you soon for new polished adventures!



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