Nailstorming #4 ~ Happy Holi!

Colorful hellos to you all!

With a tiny bit of lateness (I broke both of my indexes at a critical time, as always!), here is finally my Holi themed Nailstorming, the Indian color festival! I have known about it since 2-3 years thanks to some friends way more into India than me, and despite not thinking about it every morning, I must admit it’s a pretty badass way to welcome spring, who wouldn’t dream of a pigments rain, seriously? NPA’s dream! Ahaha.

I haven’t been much original though, it must look like tons of others manicures, but actually I realized the exact same last week-end and I was heartbroken over it as I didn’t get time for pictures before one of my nails took of… So this Nailstorming was my excuse to come back to it very quickly!





Three coats of my faithful n°1 white from Innisfree (starting to be not so good though 😦 ) as my base and then, happy spongy mess. Let’s be honest, it is my current obsession, and when it is not a gradient, I find another reason to use it! With, as guest starts the neon green introduced last week, n°78, but also the pink/red/orange (on my defense, it is really hard to tell!) neon n°75, le raspberry red n°18, the cute Banana from Etude House and my fake Don’t Mess with OPI, a pretty blue. Because my result wasn’t actually as conclusive as the first time, I also threw in there some brush and nail polish remover, and added big glitters next to the cuticles lines (totally copied on la Paillette Frondeuse, I am a big fan of her studded accents!)

In the end, I like like like! 😀

See you soon for new polished adventures!



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