Obsessions ~ Gradient + Aztec


As I already mentioned last Monday quickly, and it’s actually quite easy to notice if you take a look at my last pictures on Instagram: my sponge and me are kind of inseparable recently. Every time I choose colors, I instinctively reach for complementary colors for a gradient. Everything is fine, just one year late on the nail fashion 😀 And even it has been a few weeks since I haven’t bothered you with any kind of Aztec pattern, in the same way it is still my obsession when it comes to NA.

I have a fabulous source of inspiration on that regard: Forever 21. As much as it can be the pentacle of bad taste and eccentricity, it can also create some really nice items from time to time, and this spring, Aztec patterns and gradients are out on leggings and dresses. I would never wear such, but when I saw that, I took a few pictures and promised I would do that on my nails!






Two thin coats of Lady Liberty from Bondi, a slightly desaturated mint qui applies quite well (if, unlike me, you can manage with little brushes…) acted as my base this time. I then used my two Color Club polishes, the superb teal Abyss and the very nice royal blue, almost majorelle (both apply really well too, nice brush opening on the nail) to create a gradient in my favorites tones. As for Aztec, just like usual, a black liquid ink pen!

As much as I love the result of gradient + aztec, I am mad at myself for drawing my pattern really not straight nor symmetrically! #firstworldproblems ! And you, any kind of obsession recently? Opinions on gradient/aztec frenzy? 🙂

See you soon for new polished adventures!



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