Nailstorming #5 ~ Rock !


Just like the previous weeks, I keep on posting my Nailstorming a day late! Even if, this time, I am but proud of my creation… It went from a good feeling at first though. I didn’t really have many ideas on this “Rock” theme, I thought about a golden lightning on a black base for my accent nail, and it actually made me think about KISS logo…

Followed then a disastrous white base considering the state of my Innisfree white polish and a crappy at best representation of two of the mythic make-ups; and an accent nail as planned using my black Innisfree n°28 and the golden n°47 to create an S. I didn’t have any inspiration left for my thumb and decided to write “rock” on it, as I am definitely not convinced people get this feeling when looking at my nails!





I still now feel like I wear a weird mix on my left hand, and I felt even more ashamed when I noticed that Mademoiselle Emma had the same idea, and obviously did great with it! Let’s be realistic, considering what I am listening lately, when I read or think about KISS, I have this kind of thing in my head… Ahem!

Anyway, satisfied or not, it would have still been on my nails for two days, and for the effort deserved to be posted here! Opinions? Should I just burry myself now? 😉

See you soon for new polished adventures!



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