Blue Spring Ride ~ Sakura Saku!

As you might have noticed, no Nailstorming this week, as I’m one year abroad, my dad is a bit too far to ask him to paint my nails unfortunately, and same goes for my boyfriend. Instead, just like everyone else, I am celebrating spring with pastels,  gradients, skirts and little flowers, included on my nails!

{Sakura saku is the “cherry blossoms” in Japanese, even if I must admit it mostly makes me think of that (if you didn’t question my musical taste yet, now is the time!) and that around Shanghai, they are already passed!}

3 thin coats of the very pretty n°84 from Innisfree, probably coming from the Macaron collection, with no application trouble, just not much opacity. I couldn’t resist using my sponge and throw in some pink pastel, Strawberry, from Etude House Ice Cream collection. As for the accent nail, if you didn’t guess, some blossoming pink cherry trees, at least from far away ahaha! The darker pink is the n°18 from Innisfree and the touches of green the usual pretty Green Apple from Etude House.





I am not fully satisfied by cherry blossom (surprising!) but I totally love the color association, especially this blue so get ready to see more of him quickly!

See you soon for new polished adventures!

Lili ~


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