Nailstorming #6 ~ TV Series: Murder, he wrote


What would a Nailstorming be without being a day late? 😀 I have this terrible habit which makes me realize the next Nailstorming theme late. Late like the Saturday evening at midnight when Mademoiselle Emma post her own. And at that time, I also take in that I am very much busy on Sundays and I’m done for. But screw (pardon my French!) all that, today is the 14th of April, it is by the way my birthday and nothing can stop me, especially not Castle and the Brooklyn Bridge (I’m swiftly putting it there for all those who won’t recognize!)!


Great excuse for a gradient as always, off-tones (didn’t find anything closer) with Banana, Peach and Strawberry from the Ice Cream collection of Etude House, to which I added a slight saran wrap with the light greyish blue #96 (Etude House again). I can’t say I am proud about what came after that, I obviously over-estimated my ability to turn my wrist into impossible positions to draw Castle’s logo!

Nailstorming #6 - Castle (1)Nailstorming #6 - Castle (2)Nailstorming #6 - Castle (3)Nailstorming #6 - Castle (5)

With a bit of imagination, it kinda look fine don’t you think? Ahaha, in these moments I really need to remember myself I stopped drawing a few years ago and am not at my best :p (at first I planned on doing Downton Abbey. LOL)

See you soon for new polished adventures, I’m off to wait for the 20th episode!

Lili ~


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