Nailstorming #8 ~ May the Fourth Be With You

Here I am!

After being very silent for a week (too busy pulling an all-nighter to finish an essay and then too fascinated by PP’s Gravity to actually do some nail art!) I’m coming back to Nailstorming! Because sure, I’m not such a big fan of SF (I prefer fantasy), I’m not even sure I have watched all movies in fact (I can hear the “gasps!”!) but I still have to honor the geek culture to which I belong!

I had great ideas as usual, I found this awesome collection on Pinterest , put three coats of white, a bit of black (so amazingly opaque from the first coat on! And after more than 6 month I am still falling in love with Innisfree’s perfect brush) and two thin coats of my Color Club teal, Abyss.





Let me just say I quickly realized my mistake/ I tend to forget that despite the fact that my nails are growing longer, it’s quite a limited space ahaha. In the end, I’m almost satisfied by my Stormtrooper, but my Yoda is barely recognizable and I believe I just drew the less convincing Darth Vader ever! I’m too ashamed to show here my thumb, I believe Natalie Portman wouldn’t approve of it!… The force wasn’t with me 😦 But that was fun!

I’m going to see your amazing work! Meanwhile, May The Fourth Be With You! 😉

See you soon for new polished adventures!



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