Nailstorming #9 ~ Framed Nails


I know I know, it’s not cool on my part to only make an appearance once a week but my procrastination is reaching absolutely all aspects of my life and as my 3rd year and my year in China are coming to an end, it’s getting a bit crazy around here! 8D

Framed nails it is then! Rest assured, I wasn’t exactly 100% excited and inspired at first either, but after a quick search on Pinterest, I knew exactly which polishes I was gonna use for my next battle! On the ring, two thin coats of the pretty dark smoked purple from Etude House (#48) to which I just had to add two thin coats of the wonderful glitter purple polish from Pretty Serious, Purple Monkey Dishwasher, and, queen of the party, Wisteria, the perfect pastel purple from Picture Polish. 2 coats again, and its brush is the embodiment of perfection. Hourray for my first P.P.! 😀






And I love that combination! I wasn’t convinced by the theme at the beginning but in the end, I am so happy I went there for this week’s Nailstorming!

See you soon for new polished adventures!

Lili ~


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