Nailstorming #10 ~ Now Reading

Hey there!

Better be warned, there is some serious nail slackening going on, as I’m currently losing one of my toenails (byebye Summer shoes) and that I paint my nails once a week, for real. Now Reading was making me dream. Except that my favorite books are not famous enough to be obvious. That Harry Potter only tempted me for like 10 seconds. That Sherlock couldn’t convince me. That Malorie Blackman can be represented differently depending on the language of edition. And that manga are too hard to represent on nails.

But other than that, I went to a costumed “Disney Trash Bash Crown Party” dressed as Alice in Wonderland. And that picture of Coewless was on my instagram feed. And that I needed some pink in my life. And that I’ve never read the book and shouldn’t trust Disney. So a few clicks later, Alice became my “now reading”. Featuring the pretty and very sweet pastel pink from Innisfree n°80, black polish, my trustworthy black pen and some pastel blue n°84.





It’s not as cool as in my mind; and almost “Framed Nails 1.2” but I still like the overall result. Ok, especially my thumb and my Alice ahaha! Opinions? 🙂

I’m off to see what are YOU now reading, see you soon for new polished adventures!

Lili ~


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