Nailstorming #11 ~ Geek Pride Day: 1, 2, 3, Manga!


Geek Pride Day uh? Well, for those who didn’t know yet, I have to admit: I am one of a kind, a geek. Not the Sheldon kind of, I don’t really enjoy powerful computers, role games or super heros (except when they are played by handsome guys half naked. I therefore make an exception for Iron Man, the Green Arrow and Superman, you can’t blame me! And god bless America!). Nope, what I really like is manga! I started that when I got into middle school and let me tell you I have more volumes than polishes and probably as many as in some nail polishes racks… – you can see it somewhere in my Instagram feed, just like polish, it’s always a great moment when you have to reorganize them!

Anyway, I would have loved to only show you my favorites, but my drawer skills have limits and Pandora Hearts’ clock or Phantomhive’s coat of arms require a bit too much precision considering my nails’ size! Instead, from left to right: Air Gear (it’s Agito’s badge cuz he rocks!), Fairy Tail, Fullmetal Alchemist (my number 1) and Code Geass! Oh and Allen Walker from D.Gray-Man as the thumb’s party crasher 😉

My base for all these great series, four thin coats of Peaches N’ Cream from Picture Poish, a rosy peach orange (yeah, I’m having troubles here!) superb, perfect for summer and which applies well, but not much opacity, though it could be me? I made the gradient using the pastel red from Etude House, Red Orange, and the pretty Innisfree’s raspberry red n°18, Red Orange!





I dreamt of the day I would finally have a manga related manicure, that’s it! And you, any particular passion which makes you a geek? 😀

See you soon for new polished adventures!

Lili ~


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