Nailstorming #12 ~ Black&White


As much as Geek Pride Day was calling upon my inner geek, Black&White awakes the girl who dreams about fashion, sophisticated outfits with way too many zeros on the price tag, high heels with a blood red sole and “Made in France” handbags (everyone has it’s standards :p) and if my last manis using these colors were ethnic and rock, I wanted to turn the situation and to try something more graphic and classy.

It’s morenailpolish who inspired me this time. I was hesitated between triangles – feels like it has been decades since I haven’t touched my scotch! – and something different, without exactly knowing what, and her idea instantly convinced me. Equipped with my trustworthy Innisfree black and white, I started my 1.2 framed Nails (between that and Alice, it’s close to am obsession!).





Ok. I admit it, I cheated and used a bit of black pen to Mae it so regular and precise! But I am in love with this look, so classy and I might do it again the next time I need to use my black heels!(just regular Minelli’s though, I’m saving the Louboutins for after I graduate, you won’t object? ;D)

And you Black&White, what does it means to you?

See you soon for new polished adventures!

Lili ~


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